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Natasha Sharma 

I am an artist, designer and place-maker working in the context of public space and community engagement in India. Through public art, placemaking and participatory approaches, my practice explores human inhabitation, our relationship with place and its social, spatial and ecological influences and manifestations. My process is rooted in building localized, context-led restorative tools through creative kinship, with the urge to pay closer attention to why it is the way it is! The rather rigid sector of urban development compels me to create a public pedagogy of care, expression and imagination, which is currently undervalued in the process of city-making

I have extensively worked with place-based collectives, engaged with local communities, specifically children and women, and facilitated public programmes, site-specific installation art and design interventions, with the focus to illustrate and activate commons like parks, stations, alleyways and other public spaces to regenerative, adaptive and inclusive open spaces. Not limited by form or material, my work has ranged from creating learning environments in train stations to making site-specific art installations to designing leisure spaces for the youth to curating a community-led arts festival in one of the most marginalized resettlement neighbourhoods in Mumbai.

On a good day, you will find me exploring the city by foot, cycling away in the outskirts or drawing lines in a moving bus. On a bad day, you’ll see me rewriting my bio in third person. 

I am always looking to collaborate with practitioners under the above thematics, expressed through the medium of installations art, creative direction, placemaking, curation, publications & exhibitions.

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