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Natasha Sharma 

Natasha is an artist-researcher in urban practitice based in Mumbai, India. Her practice weaves together artistic research, visual arts, cultural progamming and placemaking, primarily unfolding in public spaces.  Her projects illustrate the role of arts and culture as a crucial scaffolding to urban development. Through artistic-community engagements, she creates interventions (through installations, storytelling and participatory arts) of pause and play, activation and restoration, belonging and agency between people and place, that she finds to be rather lost in the current ways of urban-making. 

She is deeply passionate about youth and women rights, reclaiming public commons, and building forums for participation and free expressions.  Not limited by form or medium, her interventions spans from making a film (Gutter Ki Macchli - Fish in the Sewer) on local vocabulary to climate change, creating learning environments in metro stations (The Wait Time Project), site-specific interventions in public parks (Library of Mats),  installations embodying softness (1 by one) and recently, designing a community library (Kitaab Mahal) with one of the most marginalized neighbourhood in the east of Mumbai, Govandi

Through youth arts mentorship programs, Natasha organized and co-curated the first ever Govandi Arts Festival (2023) and continues to build the initiative with the community leaders. Apart from her independent practice, she leads the public art and design at Community Design Agency, a social design practice, where she works closely with diverse communities on addressing their social and spatial issues through design, fundraising and community engagement.  In recent times, she has won the Arts4Resilience - Knowledge Into Use award (Sweden, 2023) and Reclaim Art Award (Germany, 2021).

Instagram: fliesinmycurry

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