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Tradition, Transition & Transformation at Rizvi college of Architecture for its 31st ARCHFEST.
August 2022

Iterative approach to city-making at Urban Thinkers Campus, 'Language in the city: How can our cities 'speak' a more inclusive language?  part of an initiative of the World Urban Campaign driven by UN-Habitat.
July 2022
Global Problem Local solutions for E[co]work Project at The Global Solutions Summit, Berlin 
May 2021 

Academic contributions
Spatial Dialogue as cultural practice, by Tarjani Samani, M.Sc in Coop design Research, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, 2022.

Imagined Dark Ecologies by Aishwarya Kumar, Utrecht University, Netherlands 2019.
On Fostering culture through social arts by Thanik Jaganath, Glasgow School of Arts, Scotland, 2018.
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