Would you get a tattoo without knowing what it is? We teamed up with tattoo artist Mykel Kumar to give Josh Fernandez of the The F16s a tattoo that he's never seen before. Watch the madness unfold when Josh finally sees his tattoo for the first time, all on Inksane- Episode 1.
Zach George Mathew, artist and illustrator, took the ultimate risk and got an insane tattoo by tattoo artist Chiraag Rao of Skindeep Tattoo Studio without knowing what it is! Watch all the action when Zach finally sees his tattoo, all on #Inksane- Episode 2
Sanjana Nyapati, designer at The Humming Tree, has two great loves- art and music. Sudarshan Syd of Skindeep Tattoo Studio combined the two and surprised her with a tattoo that she'd never seen before! Watch #Inksane Episode 3 to watch the action unfold!
And here it is! The last and final episode of #Inksane! What do you think happens when Anand Vijayasimha, a creative fireball who never dreams arrives to get inked blindfolded! We put Mykel Kumar from The Pumpkin Patch up to the challenge. All the madness unfolds right here
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