Take a bite // Claymation

Presenting 'Take a bite' the first amongst a playful and uncanny claymation series that pushes our collective covid reality a tad bit further. ūüė∑ūüćĚ

Made with my one and only @manushjohn as we are a super curious duo constantly exploring human behaviours and experiences under different social circumstances
Resin Botanical experiments 

Just plain curiosity to experiment and play with translucent materials and natural fibres and forms at the studio. 

After the first wave of Covid-19 began to settle, and the restrictions were lifted, we organized a Resin Botanical Workshop in our studio for people interested in learning the craft of collecting, casting and preserving. 

Video Below
Art Occurs in situation

Does'nt it?
Bamboo Scissors 

With natural colour of wood and strength of steel, Bamboo can be moulded into different forms using varied processes and treatments. This experimental product proved to be a successful paper cutting tool. Replicating the mechanism of how scissors work, the two bamboo slats are crafted to act as shears, and cut paper of different thicknesses.
Bamboo Painting Spatulas 

Continuing my explorations with Bamboo, this product studied techniques of cutting and bending Bamboo. Existing painting spatulas come in plastics/ aluminum. Replicating the similar function for pressure and tension to create strokes, similar designs and forms was recreated with Bamboo, exploring the versatility of the material.‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč
Wood and Gum

Found some pieces of wood. Used some natural gum to stick it together, coated it with saw dust and gum. Left it to dry. The second piece in the last image is made by Manush. 
Circle cutter 

I was¬†desperate to cut perfect circles of any radii. So I just went ahead and made something simple. This is a tiny cylindrical -wooden piece with an attached blade, sliced at an angle that easily slides into a compass, forming a unit that can be used to cut paper circles. Adjust it as you like, to cut it at different radii. It can be easily removed when not in use.‚Ā£

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