sub – the Hindi term for “all” + “version” - a point of view 

Sub:version is an annual academic journal that carries a varied palette of written, graphic and oral forms of stories and practices to engage in critical imaginaries of space and place. It is an attempt to provide a shared space for contributors and readers to peel layers under layers, cities within the city, histories long past, the unfolding present and the futures unseen.

This year’s curatorial theme is Palimpsest - composite and layered. Both addition and effacement, where the new replaces, omits, conceals, overruns, denies, but cannot completely hide the old. The journal sees Bengaluru as Palimpsest where the city itself is a process with no beginning or end, but a constant rebuilding.

Editor: Aliyeh Rizvi
Creative Director: Natasha Sharma
Managing Editors: Salila Vanka & Madhuri Rao.
Intern: Anisha Sharma

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