Under Pressure, is a travelling theatre performance that examines the domino effect of individual choice and its environmental consequence.

In keeping with the theme of the performance we built our props using collected and upcycled materials. Portability was crucial as this was a travelling performance.

The design of the 30x30ft blanket, the tree stumps and the prop for the polymer tribe character was derived from themes of desire, consumption and waste and in a larger sense the absurdity we experience when all these elements come together. We wanted the performer to be able to evoke the materiality of our found objects. Our idea was to create an immersive environment that showcased the overbearing nature of plastic and how it has become the most pervasive thing in our lives.

The voracity by which we consume today is changing the spaces we inhabit quicker than we can understand. Our understanding of our inhabitation is in some form of dissonance with our planet. Through the devising of these props we look forward to seeing this performance create a compelling entry into a realm that nobody wants to confront. 
Some behind the scenes below
The performance is travelling pan India and has currently done over 20 shows in multiple spaces such as Shoonya, Atta Galata, Chennai Arts Theatre, India Habitat Centre, TIFA working studios and more.

Anandaperumal, an upcyling artist from Chennai helped us fabricate this and we are so thankful for it. Image credit: Palak Jain & Vishnu Vellimattom

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